Eyeliner Gallery

Eyes are the windows  to the soul…here at Natural Look there are many different looks for the eyes. If you are looking for a very subtle natural look, Eyelash Enhancement may be your choice. This is when the pigment is applied only in the lash bed and is preferred by many people. For those desiring a more visible or dramatic effect, the line can be placed above the lash line to the thickness desired. Highlighters in a range of colors can then be applied to highlight the liner for an additional fee.

Permanent eyeliner is one of the most popular procedures. Women who benefit from this procedure range from young to elder to athletes, visually impaired, professionals as well as homemakers. It is perfect for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those wearing contact lenses. But whether or not we have special needs, we all can appreciate seeing our eyes beautifully highlighted without fear of smudging or running.

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